Entradas y fechas Herbie Hancock - EDPCOOLJAZZ 2020

Más información acerca de Herbie Hancock - EDPCOOLJAZZ 2020

Herbie Hancock is one of jazz's greatest icons. An absolute reference in world music, the artist is one of the main responsible for the constant renewal of jazz with variants such as post-bop. On July 29th, EDPCOOLJAZZ receives one of the most influential musicians ever on the coolest stage of the summer

"Cantaloupe Island", "Watermelon Man", "Maiden Voyage", "Chameleon" and the singles "I Thought It Was You" and "Rockit" are some of Hancock's most striking compositions. The importance of the American artist is vital in the constant renewal of jazz but also for the constant connections and connections of jazz to genres such as soul, r & b and even hip-hop.

In 2008, Hancock won the Grammy for Album of the Year with River: The Joni Letters, and was the second jazz album ever to be awarded the prize. The artist has collaborated with countless music legends, from Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder to Tina Turner or Norah Jones.

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