Yann Tiersen - EDPCOOLJAZZ 2020

Hipódromo Manuel Possolo, Cascais.

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Yann Pierre Tiersen is one of the most important international composers in the arts scene in recent years. Composer of iconic soundtracks, the artist will take the stage of EDPCOOLJAZZ on July 21st for a unique instrumental experience.

Tiersen is an avant-garde musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer, who masters instruments such as piano, accordion and violin. Throughout his career, he has composed soundtracks for films such as “The fabulous fate of Amélie Poulain”, “Good Bye, Lenin!”, “What the Moon Reveals” or “Alice and Martin”. 1995, including 'Le Phare' (1998), 'L'absente' (2001) and 'Dust Lane' (2010), and six albums of compositions for cinema, having published in 2019 his last album “All”.

World-renowned multi-instrumentalist performs on July 21st at the Hipódromo Manuel Possolo in Cascais.

More names to be announced soon!

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