Nasty Mondays

Sala Apolo, Barcelona.

Nasty Mondays

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Solamente podrán acceder los mayores de 21 años

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GENERAL ADMISSION €27,50 (€25,00) Cancelado


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Since putting a bomb under the start of the week back in 2004, Nasty Mondays have gone on to become the most famous – or rather infamous – party in Barcelona, with no signs of letting up.

A cross-section of hedonists from around the world rock up to Sala Apolo club every Monday around midnight to go wild into the wee hours, with a brazen disregard for what Tuesday might bring. The heavily-tattooed DJs – Madmax and Soren – whip the crowd into a frenzy with killer tracks by the likes of The Artic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk and Simian and other kick-arse indie, 80s rock and garage acts.

The resulting atmosphere is more like the mosh pit of heavy metal concert or front stage of a festival than a club night. Downstairs meanwhile there’s some dark electro and fidget house for those who fancy a change a scene. Undoubtedly Nasty Mondays is the best way to kick off any week in Barcelona, and in fact the party is so renowned that you can now rip it up at N.M.’s in New York.

Back here in BCN the party has spawned two sister events, the slightly more dancey Crappy Tuesdays, and Thursday’s amazing Cupcake 80s party