Ludovic Test

Test, London.

Ludovic Test

Solamente podrán acceder los mayores de 18 años - No se harán reembolsos para menores de 18 años

Tipo de entrada Coste (valor nominal)? Cantidad
GENERAL ADMISSION €55,00 (€50,00)
You will be able to pay off the remaining balance of EUR 27.50 (per ticket) any time before midnight on 04/08/2020. Please be aware that should you fail to pay the balance by the 04/08/20 you will NOT receive a refund and there will no longer be a festival ticket secured for you.
GENERAL ADMISSION 3 €53,00 (€50,00) No disponible
Q2GENERAL ADMISSION 1 €10,60 (€10,00)
GENERAL ADMISSION 3 €10,60 (€10,00) No disponible
VOUCHER 1 €12,72 (€12,00) No disponible
VOUCHER €140,00 (€130,00) No disponible
LUDO1 €159,00 (€150,00)

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