Hall by the Sea - Dreamland, Margate Kent.


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Solamente 14+ . Los menores entre 14 y 16 años deben estar acompañados por un adulto. Ningún reembolso posible en caso de error al reservar las entradas.

Tipo de entrada Coste (valor nominal)? Cantidad
GENERAL ADMISSION £27,50 (£25,00) Gastos de transacción aplicables*
GENERAL ADMISSION - DISABLED + CARER £13,75 (£12,50) Gastos de transacción aplicables* Entradas no disponibles

* El gasto de transacción es £1,00 para Imprimir en casa o £2,50 para Entrega estándar.

Por favor, recuerde que este gasto es por transacción y no por entrada.

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With support from - Davey Malone 

Musicians Mark Chadwick and Jeremy Cunningham met in The Eagle, a pub in Brighton, in 1988. Discovering that they had a fair bit in common, including a left wing view of politics, they decided to form a band. They soon added Charlie Heather on drums and Jon Sevink on fiddle and, after a short while, Alan Miles to play harmonica, guitar and the mandolin. Renowned for their energetic live shows and festival performances of their anthemic tracks ‘One Way’ and ‘What a Beautiful Day’, the left wing rockers return to the road for their 30th anniversary in the summer of 2018!

Davey Malone is a folk-punk phenomenon, a dark and dodgy dealer in high tragedy, comedy and sparkling morality. His songs and stories will have you laughing, weeping and thinking things you won't want to mention in polite company.